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Company Secretary placement questions

FAQ 1. When can a student apply for membership of the Institute?

A student may apply for Associate membership if he/she has passed the Professional Program examination conducted by ICSI and has completed or been exempted from mandated training on the basis of experience, provided the student has reached the age of 21 as on the date of application. An application for Associate membership of the Institute is to be made in the approved Form-A.

One can apply by clicking on this link:
The student will be authorized to use the descriptive initials ACS following his name to show that he/she is an Associate member of the Institute, as well as his/her designation Company Secretary, after his/her admission to Associateship.

FAQ 2. What is the total fee payable by a person who is eligible and willing to apply for Associate Membership of the Institute?

A person who is eligible to apply for Associate Membership is required to pay the following fee at the time of admission as an Associate member:

Associate Membership entrance fee Rs. 2,000 + GST 18%
Associate Membership annual fee (Applying between Apr- Sept)

(Applying between Oct- Marc)

Rs. 1,500 + GST 18%

Rs. 750 + GST 18%

FAQ 3. If a candidate intends to practice as a Company Secretary, does he have to apply for a certificate of practice at the same time that he applies for admission as an Associate member of the Institute?

The candidate, if he so wishes, may also apply for issue of certificate of practice and pay the requisite fee for issue of a certificate of practice as well. His/Her application for issue of certificate of practice in Form D would be considered only after his/her admission as an Associate member of the Institute.

For holding Certificate of Practice, an additional fees of Rs. 1,500 for Associate Members and Rs. 2,000 for Fellow Members needs to be paid every year.

FAQ 4. Who is eligible for admission as a Fellow member of The Institute of Company Secretary of India?

An Associate member who has been a member of the Institute for five years is eligible for admission as a Fellow member if he meets the requirements of Regulation 4(2), which are as follows:

(i) is an Associate and has been in continuous practice in India as a Company Secretary for at least five years; or
(ii) is an Associate for a continuous period of not less than five years and possesses experience of not less than five years on the date of application in a supervisory position, of which at least three years shall be as a secretary or in a post considered equivalent or higher thereto by the Council in a company or body corporate having an aggregate paid-up capital of not less than rupees twenty-five lakhs; or
(iii) is an Associate for a continuous period of not less than five years and possesses five years total experience in the disciplines of law, management or commerce, either in a Group A post in the Central Government or any equivalent post in the State Government or local Authority or in a supervisory position in any organization deemed by the Council as equivalent to the experience specified in clauses (c) or (d).

Eligible members may apply for Fellow Membership of the Institute in approved Form B from this link

Upon his/her advancement to fellowship, the member is entitled to use the descriptive letters FCS after his/her name to denote that he/she is a Fellow Member of the Institute.

The fee structure for fellow membership is as:
Fellow Entrance fees: Rs. 2,000 + GST @ 18% (One time Fee)
Fellow Annual Membership Fees: Rs. 3,000 + GST 18%

FAQ 5. Is it true that after five years as an Associate member, a person is immediately qualified to become a Fellow member?

No, a member who has been an Associate member of the Institute for five years does not immediately become a Fellow member of the Institute. He/She must apply for admission as a Fellow member in the relevant Form-B, along with the required fee and experience documentation, in order to be admitted as a Fellow member. He/She will be admitted as a Fellow only if the requisite criteria are fulfilled as per Regulation 4(2).

FAQ 6. From where can CS students apply for jobs or training?

CS students can search and apply for training and job by registering at CS Placement portal. A candidate is required to upload his/her resume and according to requirements, he/she can apply in any company/firm listed on the portal. The recruiting firm will contact the candidate if the resume is shortlisted.

The link for the portal is

FAQ 7. From where can a CS Member apply for their Job?

ICSI has a dedicated placement cell to assist its CS members (Freshers as well as Experienced) to get a job through

ICSI provides job opportunities at abroad level. CS students can apply for the same by clicking on this link:

Apart from the service provided by ICSI, a member can also apply for job through other placement agency like naukri, indeed, monster, linkedin, etc.

FAQ 8. Do ICSI conduct CS Placement drive for its recently passed out students?

ICSI conducts mega placement drives virtually for its recent CS members. The placement drive is conducted in four regions namely Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern Regions where members from all over India can apply in a particular region. After shortlisting, candidates shall be provided the link for the virtual interview.

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