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how to crack ca exam


“All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea!”

To achieve any success the foremost thing is setting a “definite purpose” in life and then putting all efforts towards the attainment of the same.

Similar is the case of cracking CA in one attempt. Once, a person sets a definite goal in his/her mind, half the battle is achieved because it is rightly said that

“The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can!”

A burning desire can be transmuted into its physical equivalent.

So, for a person to clear CA in one attempt one must first desire the same. All the guidance and directions shall flow automatically. Chartered Accountancy course is one of the most reputed professional courses paving way for ample opportunities as a career, undoubtedly requiring arduous training for years to obtain the certification. But the achievement of any goal is never impossible if action towards the same is executed strategically.

CA course comprises of three levels – Foundation, Intermediate and Final. With each level up, the difficulty of crossing over to the next level increases, the reason being the vastness of course. The only thing required is pursuing the set target in a systematic and organized way.

Effective tips to crack CA in one attempt are:

1. Setting Clear Goals: It is very important to have clarity of thought while setting one’s goal. Once you have set your “definite chief aim”, have the same written in front of you, so that each time you look at it, the thought of achieving the same keeps revolving in your subconscious mind and the burning desire to achieve the set goal will always keep you motivated to work in the said direction.

2. Disciplined Approach: Though not impossible, CA is such a respected degree, and requires great discipline from the very beginning even as a student who is pursuing the said course. Once, you start preparing for the said course discipline is the key to success. It comprises of discipline towards maintaining proper health, eating habits, sleeping patterns, study schedules, social life, etc. If an aspirant doesn’t lead a disciplined life, achievement of the goal becomes a difficult task as CA is “no child’s play”.

3. Regularity: From the very first day, one enters the CA course, apart from just the academic curriculum, one has to cope with various other extra-curricular courses offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the governing body, at respective levels covered during the entire journey, consisting of the following-

So, keeping in mind the mandatory hours to be devoted towards the aforesaid courses, one needs to have a clear picture of the time required to be devoted towards academics, in order to cover the same on a regular basis, so that all of it does not pile up at the end of each level, leaving one with unnecessary pressure.

4. Coverage of Practical Subjects from the Very Beginning: The course comprises of theoretical as well as practical subjects at each level. Now, the student must make it a point to have a grip on the practical topics from the very beginning of the respective level. The reason is that the practical portions are concept-based, thus, once, the concepts of the topics are made clear and the required amount of practice has been done on a particular topic, it can be set aside for a long period of time.

5. Regular Coverage of Theory Subjects: The theory portion being quite voluminous, needs to be revised over and over again, so it is better to take up the theory aspects regularly. Also, if one takes up theory subjects along with practical aspects, the quantum of boredom that might be created while covering the theory portion exclusively at a later stage can be minimized to a great level.

6. Habit of Note-making: One cannot deny the fact that the CA course is quite vast. While referring to the study material for the first time if one develops the habit of note-making, the same would prove to be quite helpful to the student at the time of revision. Also, personal notes would make the task of re-capturing concepts very quick and interesting. One can always incorporate diagrams, figures, flowcharts and bulleted lists while jotting down notes as it gives you a more efficient way to remember things. Our brain has the potential of processing visual information far more easily than miles of text.

7. Focus on Articleship Training: Achievement of the set goal of clearing CA in the first attempt is merely a dream if the most important aspect of articleship training, which has been kept by the ICAI as a mandatory part of the course, is not taken up seriously. Initially, it is very important that an aspirant decides to get associated with a good CA firm, where he can get an all-around practical exposure to the various concepts covered in the course. It would help one understand the industry norms practically and would help a great way in clearing papers like Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Auditing and the like, depending on the coverage of practical experience one tends to get at the time of articleship training. Also, the hardships and challenges one is introduced to during this training serve as a great learning experience to build various traits in an individual pursuing such a respected course.

8. Having a Broad Approach: CA being such a vast course, one cannot succeed in the same, keeping a selective approach. Success be in terms of the short-termed clearing of exams or long-termed bright career. While entering CA, one must keep in mind that the more detailed and broad approach, the more the chances of success. The reason being that a broad approach would lead to better clarity of concepts, in relation to career point of view and minimising chances of the risk of not being able to answer certain questions in the exams due to the selective approach adopted owing to the voluminous syllabus.The recent CA all levels passing percentage for December 2021 Exams are analysed below:

CA Foundation

Gender Candidates Appeared Passed % of Pass
Male 60,097 18,151 30.20%
Female 50,565 15,359 30.37%
Total 1,10,662 33,510 30.28%

CA Inter

Group Appeared Passed % of Pass
Group I 79,822 17,387 21.78%
Group II 62,029 7,327 11.81%
Both Group 31,136 3,598 11.56%

CA IPCC (Old Course)

Group Appeared Passed % of Pass
Group I 7,427 400 5.39%
Group II 20,289 3,407 16.79%
Both Group 3,295 30 0.91%

CA Final New Course

Candidates applied for (Dec 2021) Appeared Passed Pass %
CA Final Group I only 57,254 12,767 22.3%
CA Final Group-II only 54,144 16,525 30.52%
CA Final Both Groups 28,988 4,437 15.31%

CA Final Old Course

Candidates applied for (Dec 2021) Appeared Passed Pass %
CA Final Group I only 11,364 1,284 11.3%
CA Final Group-II only 14,106 1,909 13.53%
CA Final Both Groups 3,109 44 1.42%


Thus, following all the guidelines above can reap the benefits and certainly makes it possible for a student to clear all the levels of the course in one attempt provided he/ she is focused with consistency and dedication being the keys.


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