Trial Court’s order set aside as it overlooked the response and contentions of the accused: HC

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Code of Criminal Procedure 1973; Power to direct interim compensation; Trial Court; High Court

Case Details: JSB Cargo and Freight Forwarder (P.) Ltd. v. State - [2022] 136 49 (Delhi)[20-12-2021]

Judiciary and Counsel Details

    • Ms. Anu Malhotra, J.
    • Bharat Gupta and Gunjan Arora, Advs. for the Petitioner. 
    • Ms. Aashaa Tiwari, APP and Ashok Mahipal, Adv. for the Respondent.

Facts of the Case

In the instant case, the Complainant lodged a case for dishonour of cheque issued by the accused. The Trial Court ordered the accused to pay 20 per cent of cheque amount to the complainant as interim compensation in accordance with provisions of section 143A. It was noted that Trial Court directed the accused to pay interim compensation without considering submissions sought to be raised by the accused that complainant had concealed factum of having received substantial money from accused.

High Court Held

It was observed that the Trial Court did not even consider that accused could have put forth their documents i.e. bank statements, e-mails etc. which could have been considered and dealt with by the Metropolitian Magistrate. Setting aside the Trial Court’s order, the High Court held that order passed by Trial Court directing accused to pay interim compensation to complainant was without resorting to provisions of section 294 of Cr.P.C. and thus, could not be held to be within contours of section 143A to be with sufficient reasons.

Case Review

    • Order of Metropolitan Magistrate in CC No. CC NI Act 12-20 titled as Savita Suryavanshi v. JSB Cargo and Freight Forwarder (P.) Ltd. and CC No. CC NI Act Suneel Suryavanshi v. JSB Cargo and Freight Forwarder dated 21-09-2021 (para 54) reversed.

List of Cases Referred to

    • Rajesh Soni v. Mukesh Verma 2021 SCC Online Chh 1761 (para 6)
    • LGR Enterprises v. P. Anbazhargan 2019 (3) MLJ (Crl.) 423 (para 8)
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