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Taxmann’s GST books will help you to provide detailed understanding of GST Law of India, latest GST provisions, GST Act, GST Tariff, GST Rules, etc. These books are not only facilitates learning but at the same time is a quick reference for each topic on GST wherein all sections, rules and forms are interlinked for easy navigation. We hope to support our target audience in the best way possible through these books.

List of Best Books on GST in India:

1. GST How to Meet Your Obligations – Finance (No.2) Bill 2019 (Set of 3 Volumes):

GST Finance (No.2) Bill 2019 edition (Set of 3 Volumes) by S.S. Gupta  – Topics covered in these volumes are GST Supply, Place of supply, Time of supply, Value of supply, Reverse charge mechanism, E-way bill, Input tax credit etc.

GST How to meet your obligations 2019 edition

2.  GST Tariff with GST Rate Reckoner (Set of 2 Volumes) – Finance (No.2) Bill 2019:

This book has 2 volumes – Volume 1: Goods Tariff • GST Tariff for Goods with HSN Code • GST Rates specified in other Acts • GST Rate Reckoner for Goods or Commodity Index

GST Tariff 2019

Volume 2: Services Tariff
• GST Tariff for Services with Services Code 
• Services Index
• GST Tariff Notifications (Rate of tax and exemptions)
• Circulars & Clarifications

3. GST Manual with GST Law Guide & Digest of Landmark Rulings (Set of 2 Volumes) 2019:

Volume 1 covers GST Law Guide, CGST Act 2017, IGST Act 2017, UTGST Act 2017, GST Act 2017, GST Rules & Forms, Circulars & Notifications, GST Forms with Action points.

Volume 2 covers Digest of Landmark Rulings, Annotated text of CBIC’s FAQs, Taxpayers series etc.

4. GST Audit Manual with Annual Return- 2019:

This book covers ready steps for preparing GSTR 9 & 9C, case studies for GSTR 9, complete walkthrough for GST auditor, item-wise cross examination of financial statement etc.

GST Audit Manual with Annual Return

5. GST Ready Reckoner – Finance (No.2) Act 2019:

This book incorporates Charge of tax, Composition scheme under GST, Exemptions, Place & Time of Supply of Goods and Services, Valuation of Supply, E-way bill,  GST returns, GST audit, Reverse charge mechanism under GST, etc.

6. Guide to Sabka Vishwas – Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme 2019:

This book incorporates Guide to Sabka Vishwas Scheme 2019, Sabka Vishwas Scheme 2019, Sabka Vishwas Scheme Rules 2019, FAQs on Sabka Vishwas Scheme.

Guide to Sabka Vishwas 2019

7. Illustrated Guide to Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme 2019:

This is a comprehensive and illustrated Guide to Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme 2019 enforced with effect from 1-9-2019.

Illustrated Guide to Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme 2019

8. GST Audit (GSTR 9C) & Annual Return – GSTR 9 & 9A – :

Topics covered in this book are GST Audit Report – Clause-wise detailed analysis, How to do various reconciliations in GSTR 9C, GST Audit Checklist, Interlinks with Audited Annual Financial Statements
GST Audit & Annual Return 2019
GST Annual Returns – Table-wise detailed discussion, Interlinks with GSTR 1, 3B, 4, ITC Forms, GSTR 9 & 9A, etc.

9. GST Made Easy – Answer to All Your GST Queries – Finance (N0.2) Bill 2019:

This book gives answers to all your GST queries at one place.

GST Made Easy - Answers to all your GST queries

10. GST Input Tax Credit by V.S. Datey – Finance (N0.2) Bill 2019:

A complete guide to Input tax credit with Numerical illustrations.


11. GST E-Way Bill – Finance (N0.2) Bill 2019 :

This book covers E-way bill for transport of Goods, Filing of Part B of E-way Bill, Generation of E-way Bill, Road Checks & Verification of documents and conveyances, Tax Invoice, Delivery challan, Bill of supply when no tax invoice is required, GST on transport services, etc.

GST E-Way Bill 2019

12. GST on Works Contract & Other Construction/EPC Contracts:

This book incorporates key concepts and latest case laws, sector-wise coverage with chapters on oil & gas, real estate, ports, water supply, updated sectoral chapters solar power and road projects, liquidated damages etc.

GST on Works Contract

13. GST Refunds 2019 – Finance (No.2) Act 2019 by Aditya Singhania:

This book covers Refund procedures under GST, refund of excess payment of tax, Export procedures, Export of goods and services on payment of IGST, SEZ refund process, Deemed exports, Export under bond or letter of undertaking, Stepwise procedures for each type of refunds, etc.

14. GST Audit – How to Meet Your Obligations – 2019:

GST Audit book 2019 edition by S.S. Gupta – Chartered Accountant gives the detailed analysis of information required to be filled up in each clause of each parts of Form GSTR-9 and Form 9C. 

GST Audit 2019

15. GST Mini Ready Reckoner 2019:

GST Mini Ready Reckoner is a mini book containing relevant part of the law which is required in day to day practice.  The book has been specifically written keeping in mind what is required by a practitioner in day to day practice.

GST Mini Ready Reckoner 2019

16. GST Kanoon in Hindi – 2nd Edition, 2019:

The book is one of the few books which provides Relevant GST Laws in Hindi at one place and has been amended upto date.

GST Kanoon in Hindi 2019

17. TDS & TCS under GST – 2019:

GST TDS & TCS – The book is ‘user friendly’ and provides numerous illustrations for understanding the provisions of deduction of tax at source as well as collection of tax at source under GST Law. 

TDS & TCS under GST

18. GST Practitioners Exam – GST Practitioners Question Bank with Quick Exam Guide:

This book is strictly as per the prescribed syllabus for Goods & Services Tax Practitioners (GSTPs) exam. • Bulleted explanation on entire gamut of GST laws • More than 5000 MCQs  • Tables, flowcharts & diagrams for easy understanding of the GST laws  • All the latest developments in the GST laws including latest circulars, orders & notifications.

GST Practitioner Exam Book

Mock Online Test: For GST Practitioners’ Examination Log on to :

19. GST on Builders & Real Estate Transactions:

A complete guide to GST on Builders & Real estate transactions. 


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