Presiding Officer/Judicial members can decide on appeal filed before SAT even if technical member is not available

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Securities and Exchange Board of India Act Composition of Securities Appellate Tribunal

Case Details: Axis Bank Ltd. v. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. - [2021] 130 265 (SAT - Mumbai)

Judiciary and Counsel Details

    • Justice Tarun Agarwala, Presiding Officer and M.T. Joshi, Judicial Member
    • Gaurav Joshi, Sr. Adv., Neville LashkariChaitanya D. MehtaMs. Sonali AggarwalMs. Drishti Gudhaka, Advs., Rafique Dada, Sr. Adv., Anubhav Ghosh and Ravishekhar Pandey, Advs. for the Appearing Parties.

Facts of the Case

Appellant-Axis Bank has filed an appeal with the Tribunal, in which the appellant sought to overturn the communication/order made by respondent-National Stock Exchange.

As a result, SEBI has raised the point that, under Section 15L(2), a Bench with two or more Judicial or Technical Members must be established by the Presiding Officer of the Tribunal, with at least one Judicial Member and one Technical Member.

There was no Technical Member on the Tribunal’s Bench at the time. As a result, the Bench was not precisely formed in accordance with the rules of the SEBI Act. As a result, the Tribunal was unable to consider appeals until the Central Government nominated a Technical Member.

SAT Held

The Security Appellate Tribunal, on the other hand, conducts judicial responsibilities and must be staffed by judicial members. Furthermore, the Presiding Officer must be a Judicial Member under the SEBI Act, and the Technical Member is an aid to the Bench when the Bench requires technical knowledge on a matter.

Thus, it cannot be argued that if a Technical Member is unavailable, the Bench of two Judicial Members will be unable to operate. The Tribunal’s current functioning, which consists of a Presiding Officer and a Judicial Member, is not impaired by the absence of a Technical Member, and the Bench, which consists of the Presiding Officer and Judicial Member, can proceed to hear and consider the appeals, etc., submitted before the SAT. SEBI’s objection has been dismissed.

In addition, the fourth post of Technical Member was created in this case by a notice dated May 16, 2019. Despite the fact that this position has been for two years, the Central Government has taken no action to fill it.

Furthermore, the government was aware that the lone Technical Member was set to retire on March 31, 2021. No measures have been taken to fill the position as of yet, despite the fact that such steps should have been done at least a few months prior to the Technical Member’s retirement. As a result, the Central Government is urged to fill the vacancies as soon as possible.

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