NCLT to pass fresh orders as no opportunity of being heard was given to Appellants against oppression plea: NCLAT

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Companies Act 2013 - Oppression and mismanagement

Case Review: Arvind Bali v. Union of India - [2022] 134 90 (NCLAT- New Delhi)

Judiciary and Counsel Details

    • Justice M. Venugopal, Actg. Chairperson
    • V.P. Singh and Dr. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Technical Member
    • S.N. MookherjeeJayant Mehta, Sr. Advs., Nakul Mohta and Ms. Misha Rohatgi MohtaAkshansh Animesh and Devang Kumar, Advs. for the Appellant. 
    • Sanjay Shorey, (Director Legal, MCA), Rakesh Tiwari, (Joint Director), Ms. Rupa SutarAbhinav Vasisht, Sr. Advs., Ms. Meghna RajadhyakshaVaijayant PaliwalAnoop RawatMs. Zeeshan KhanMs. Priya SinghMs. Moulshree ShuklaMs. Radhika Indapurkar, Advs. for the Respondent.

Facts of the Case

In the instant case, Union of India (Hereinafter referred as ‘Respondent’) who had filed the company petition against key managerial personnel of company ‘V’ alleging oppression and mismanagement under section 241 of the Companies Act, 2013.

The Respondent later on, filed petitions for impleading appellants independent directed in said petition.

NCLT, by the impugned order, attached and froze the moveable and immovable properties of the appellants including Bank Accounts, Lockers, Demat Accounts including the jointly held properties.

The appellants challenged the ‘Ex-parte ‘interim order passed by the NCLT. The appellants submitted that the order was passed without providing a single ‘Opportunity of Hearing’ is per se an illegal one. Appellants further contended that they were not a party to the main petition and further, an interlocutory application for intervening was filed by the UOI, to implead the appellants and in the said application, no notice was issued to them.

The appellants also submitted that even the application was not even duly filed and registered, as there was an error in the petition filed by the Respondent for arraying the ‘Appellants’ as ‘Respondents’ yet the ‘Tribunal’ had passed the impugned order against the Appellants.


NCLAT held that the impugned order was an interim one, the appellants were permitted to file their response to the main company petition filed by the Respondent.

The NCLAT further ordered that NCLT is directed to pass necessary fresh recent orders in a fair, just, dispassionate manner on merits, afresh (because of the fact that there was a ‘negation of principles of natural justice’ in not adhering to the ‘National Company Law Tribunal’ Rules, 2016.

List of Cases Referred to

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