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Provisions made for medical benefit of employees post retirement were allowable under section 37(1)

August 23, 2018[2018] 98 90 (Calcutta)/[2018] 258 Taxman 313 (Calcutta)

IT : Where AO rejected assessee's claim of security charges paid for security of its tea gardens on ground that payees were non-existent and no confirmation was filed for payment of security charges however, Tribunal disallowed only a small portion of said charges and allowed remaining claim no substantial question of law arose from Tribunal's order

IT : Where Tribunal allowed assessee's claim of rent paid to 'D' Ltd. and against said order revenue filed instant appeal contending that premises had not been transferred to 'D' Ltd. by actual owners, a dispute was pending and keys of premises were lying with Police, since in exercise of jurisdiction under sec. 260A, court could not enquire into correctness of Tribunal's finding, revenue's appeal was to be dismissed

IT : Where Tribunal allowed assessee's claim in respect of provision for medical benefit of its employees post retirement by treating it as accrued liability to be discharged in future, order so passed did not require any interference

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