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GST: A game changer for the Indian Economy - Livemint

Livemint "According to Ansh Bhargava, a senior consultant at, a company that assists taxpayers, the concept of a single market across the nation is akin to different states of India signing a free trade agreement.

“The GST regime seeks to break the barriers that currently exist between states and make movement of goods between different states easier,” said Bhargava."

Read Full Story Here: GST: A Game Changer for the Indian Economy, Live Mint

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BSNL Launches GSP/ASP Service For SMEs, Large Businesses - Communications Today

BSNL introduced ASP-GSP services PAN India with Taxmann publications for SMEs and large businesses.

BSNL Launches GSP/ASP Service for SMEs, Large Businesses - Firstpost

According to BSNL, the service will assist SMEs and larger businesses by launching an application software which will record invoices on a computer/handheld device, etc. with all GST Compliances.

Taxmann Partners With BSNL, Enables GSP Services For BSNL Customers - Economic Times

The application software for GST returns filing and compliances is designed for even a small businessman with little IT skills to ensure GST compliance on his own.
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