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Upon years of deliberation, GST roll-out has finally seen light of the day. Already termed as one of the most important tax makeover in post-independence India, it is believed to offer a major reform to the existing system of Indirect Taxation.

With the introduction of Goods and Service Tax, various other taxes like VAT, Service Tax and Entertainment Tax has been subsumed, thus reducing the cascading effects of taxation for the end consumers.

As Government and Tax Authorities are slowly rolling out rules and regulations for the same, GST compliances have left many in lurch for further clarification. In order to help our readers choose the best GST software in India, we are listing the features that you should look for when purchasing the software.

Why Buy GST Software For Your Business? And, How?

With the introduction of Goods and Service Tax, India has taken one huge leap towards its dream of achieving ‘Digital India’. By promoting paperless transactions, efforts are being made towards making various tax compliances hassle-free. By avoiding intermediaries, businesses are encouraged to perform various compliance-related activities for themselves as well as for their clients. With the help of GST compliance software, one can easily integrate it with the existing Accounting Software or ERP in place and generate GST compliant invoices for filing its details with GSTN. Apart from this there are a number of benefits that a GST software might offer.

So, these are some of the features of Taxmann’s One Solution that you should look for in a good GST Billing & Invoice software:

1.Seamless Integration with Accounting Software or ERP in use:

As we discussed above, it should supplement the purpose of the existing facilities of Accounting Software and ERPs. There should be a provision for seamless data import from these software packages to the GST software for a greater ease in usage.

2.Both Online, as well as, Offline Functionality:

It is important to note if the software needs a constant connection with Internet or can also function without it. While online software offers a safe back-up of all data through cloud computing, where every data entered in the software is safely stored on a remote server. Offline packages allow you the flexibility of working without a continuous internet connection. This often boosts the performance of the software which might get hampered due to slow or non-continuous internet facility.

3.User-Friendly Software Interface:

GST compliance software is meant to be handled by various personnel in the department. Thus, it should be easy to comprehend. Also, it should provide multi-user functionality where more than one user can assess the software at more than one location for greater streamlining in the accounting and compliance procedures.

4.Iron-clad Safe & Secure IT Framework:

A GST Billing & Invoice Software is expected to deal with several confidential data of your company or your clients which requires proper handling. Proper emphasis should be given to the privacy of the user data and hence, its security thereof.  In a nutshell, you need GST compliance software to make your compliances easier as it provides GST compliant invoices, automated reconciliation between Sales and Purchase and then filing of timely returns with just a few clicks.

List of top 3 GST Software in India:

Taxmann’s One Solution:

Over 5 decades of domain knowledge and in-depth knowledge with Tax and Laws brings to us an end-to-end GST Compliance Software, One Solution.  Being one of the 34 chosen GSPs, Taxmann offers ASP-GSP services along with One Solution GST Compliance software. Through this software, you get:

• Freedom to create Masters for proper maintenance of database.

• Bulk data import/export facility in Excel format as well as through synchronization with existing Accounting Software/ERP.

• Option to create customized GST compliant invoices.

GST Rate Finder Tool.

• Invoice reconciliation to calculate Input Tax Credit.

• Payment of Taxes as per e-ledger.

• GST return preparation and filing.

• Prompt Customer Support and Product Training for your personnel.

Tally ERP 9:

Primarily designed for manufacturers, it boasts for several features which make it complex and difficult to understand for small businesses and dealers. It offers offline functionality. However, its largest drawback is the absence of bulk data import facility in tax filing utility.

ZOHO Books:

They have recently introduced a cloud-based accounting software in India which has shown a promising start to their expanding operations in Indian Market. It is a simple invoicing and billing software that is perfect for new businesses as it comes at a very economic price. However, it lacks several features that are required by small to medium Indian businesses.

Considering some of the leading names in terms of GST compliance software, Taxmann’s One Solution stands to offer maximum facilities at a best possible rate. It ensures a real time reflection of data that helps you pay taxes as per the latest and updated e-ledger.
With Microsoft Azure as its technology partner, maximum security of data is ensured to the businesses and professionals.

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