This unique, authentic and comprehensive book on Vedic Management has a special appeal to all management students, professors and practitioners across the globe through its holistic approach to managerial excellence.


For the very first time, this book presents the theory of Vedic Management on a four dimensional perspective incorporating self management, relationship management, relationship management, cosmic management and spiritual management.  It portrays the Vedic model of excellence with universal application.


This book integrates modern management principles and practices with ancient wisdom through the eternal voice of the Vedas.  It presents a unified and integrated theory of Vedic management.  It deals with the A-Z of self management and relationship management.  It has a major focus on leadership management.  It facilitates human emancipation with a social objective.


Based on an in-depth and comprehensive study of the Vedas, this book demonstrates and proves conclusively that all the progressive modern management principles, concepts and practices are of Vedic origin.  It clearly and succinctly establishes that the Vedas pervade the management domain universally cutting across the contours of cultural dualities, inspiring one to act with excellence, foresight and vision coupled with moral and ethical values.  It substantiates that the Vedas impart stainless, priceless and immortal managerial wisdom with practical relevance which would always stand the test of time.









Dr. S. Kannan is a Chartered Accountant, Management Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified Information Security Manager.  He holds a Ph.D. in Commerce and another inter-disciplinary Ph.D. (Management and Sanskrit) in the domain of Vedic management. He has more than two decades of industrial and professional experience and has held senior positions in Industry.  He has delivered lectures in various seminars of professional bodies and academic institutions.  He has authored books on corporate laws, industrial laws and project management.  His articles and case studies have been published in leading management journals and financial dailies of India.  He is currently a consultant with Tata Consultancy Services.