Urvashi Prasannanshu
Degree: M.Phil (English)
Urvashi Prasannanshu is a Language Consultant specifically working in the area of
simplifying texts and documents overloaded with technical jargon and terminologies so
that they can be of research and tertiary use to a larger number of people. Vetting, editing
and rewriting of technical materials without damaging the core content are her key areas
of specialization and interest. She is M.Phil. in English Literature and has several other
degrees and diplomas in varied English language processes: Diploma in Advanced General
English from the British Council Division, New Delhi; a degree in Language Teaching from the University of Delhi; a one year Diploma in Journalism from Delhi; Master’s Degree inEnglish Literature from University of Delhi. She has recently co-authored a book on parenting: Her special contribution being language learning. She has published a few
articles in international journals and delivered several talks on language and communi-
cation. She has some years of experience in language teaching from secondary school to
bachelor’s level and professionals, both Indian and of foreign origin.
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