Vinod Kothari
Vinod Kothari, chartered accountant and company secretary, has been practicing corporate laws for  nearly 30 years.
With academic excellence to his credit, Vinod Kothari began writing and speaking on corporate law topics right during his studies, and earned accolade as “Ramaiya” during his young age. As a young practitioner, several of his articles were published in various professional journals including the Chartered Secretary, Chartered Accountant, etc. Later, he became one of the editors of Ramaiya’s Company Law.
As a practitioner in company secretary profession, Vinod Kothari has handled most critical and complex issues that companies face in practice. He has handled mergers, acquisitions, contested takeovers, foreign direct investments, joint ventures, corporate litigation, collective investment devices and alternative investment funds, mutual funds, and so on. Vinod Kothari has been engaged as adviser to some of India’s top companies.
Besides corporate laws, Vinod Kothari is a prolific author and trainer on financial services, such as housing finance, securitisation, credit derivatives, accounting for financial instruments, structured finance, banking regulations etc. As such, he lectures all over the world. The locations where he has lectured on these subjects include New York, Washington, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Colombia (South America), South Africa, Malaysia, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. Vinod Kothari has written 10 books on different financial subjects including :
  • Lease Financing and Hire purchase (4th edition, 1996)
  • Securitisation: The Financial Instrument of the Future, Fifth edition, 2006.
  • Credit Derivatives and Structured Credit Trading, 2009 edition. 
  • Securitisation, Asset Reconstruction and Enforcement of Security Interests, Fourth Edition, 2013.
  • Taxation of Lease Transactions in India, 2013.
  • Guide to Housing Finance: A Comprehensive Guide to Mortgage Lending, 2013.
  • Introduction to Securitisation by Frank J. Fabozzi and Vinod Kothari, July 2008.
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