P.K. Mehta
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mehta is Associate Professor in Department of Economics  at the SGND Khalsa College, University of Delhi. In addition, he has also been  visiting faculty to many management institutes for courses in economics and  international business, from time to time. He has to his credit around 37 years  of teaching experience. 

He   has   co-authored   two   research   books   entitled   Exploring   Indo-ASEAN Economic Partnership in Globalising World (Bookwell, 2002) and Meeting the  Challenges   of   the   European   Union   :   Prospects   for   Indian   Exports?   (Sage  Publications, 1997). He has also published many research papers, some under  co-authorship, in reputed Indian and foreign journals which includes Economic  and Political Weekly, Foreign Trade Review, Asia-Pacific Development Journal,  (Bangkok) and Singapore Economic Review (Singapore). He has also published  articles in reputed financial dailies such as Economic Times, Business Line and  Financial Express. He has participated and presented papers in a large number  of Conferences and Seminars. 

He    has  been   a  short  term   visiting  fellow   at Institute  of  Asian   Studies,  Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok), as also a consultant to National Commission on Urbanization, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. 
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