R.P. Dhokalia
Dr. Ramaa P. Dhokalia (1925) former Professor and Dean of Law School, Banaras Hindu University, and former Secretary-General of Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi, has been a noted author, and a distinguished scholar and University teacher of Political Science and Legal Philosophy, International Law and Jurisprudence at different stages of his long academic career spanning over more than five decades, first at the University of Allahabad (1949-66) and later at Banaras Hindu University (1966-85) and Indian Academy of International Law, New Delhi (1986-92). He has inspired generations of students and has been a Visiting Scholar and Professor at several universities in India and abroad. He has been Honorary Consultant to the Tibetan Parliamentary and Policy Research Centre New Delhi and also to National Research Centre for Value Education of the NCERT, New Delhi. As a social scientist and a crusader of human values, culture and civilization, his writings have covered a wide area ranging from Political and Legal Philosophy, International Law, Rule of Law in Democracy, Science,Technology and Law, Human Rights, Values and Culture and Interfaith Understanding between World Religions
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