R N Gupta
Born in Delhi in the year 1947, Shri R.N. Gupta entered the portals of prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi in 1964 after scoring  outstanding performance at the Higher Secondary Examination as a student of B. Com. (Hons.) and M. Com. He topped M. Com Previous Examination in 1968 and was awarded Shri Ram Trust Scholarship; and eventually joined the Faculty of Commerce of SRCC in July 1969. Gifted with substantial acquaintance  with virtually all papers of commerce, Shri Gupta’s field of specialization is Business Organization and Business Management.

As an author on Business Organisation and Management, Shri Gupta’s approach is original and illustrative. He feels that the discipline of management is not only complex but also quite confused; as there are many approaches to explaining the same thing in diverse manners with an element of overlapping. Through deep studies of management literature and substantial teaching of this discipline at the university level, the author has gained valuable experience which he prefers to share with his esteemed readers through his books written in a manner that the beginner can comprehend the discussion without the aid of any guide whatsoever.

Shri Gupta has taught management at Birla Institute of Management Technology and Indian Institute of Finance in addition to teaching almost all papers of commerce at SRCC for more than 42 years since July 1969. His endeavor through his academic life has been to impart clarity and originality to students in whatever he teaches and this objective he seeks to fulfil through his publications
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