About the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)

ADIT, the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation, is a specialised advanced qualification set by the Chartered Institute of Taxation in international and cross border taxation and is suitable for all professionals.

The ADIT Qualification provides the opportunity to prove and improve you or your team's credentials as an International Tax Professional. International Taxation is an important part of the work of many tax advisers. However, a key characteristic of international advisers is that they have a variety of backgrounds and they typically spend time in more than one country. The Institute recognised a demand both in and outside the UK for a specialised qualification to meet the needs of international tax practitioners in the corporate area, and in 2003 introduced the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT).

The overall standard of the qualification is comparable to the CIOT's gold standard CTA qualification in the UK. The Institute considers that there are significant benefits in having an internationally recognised qualification and ADIT indicates a high level of competence in international taxation.

The Diploma is supervised by an Academic Board of distinguished international tax practitioners. Holders of the Diploma are entitled to use the designatory letters "ADIT" after their name.

The Diploma is a free-standing qualification which will not give the right to membership of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. However, holders of the Diploma may apply to become an 'International Tax Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation'.

About the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT)

The CIOT is the leading professional body in the UK for advisers dealing with all aspects of taxation. They support over 17,000 members and 4,000 students throughout their tax careers, providing assistance through their London-based head office and worldwide network of 39 branches.


  • Want a professional qualification in International Tax?
  • Want to complement your post-graduate degree or a domestic professional qualification?
  • Have a personal desire to increase and gain more confidence in your international tax knowledge and skills?
  • Need to satisfy Continuing Professional Development(CPD), Continuing Professional Education(CPE), or Continuing Legal Education(CLE) needs?
  • Require a means of benchmarking you or your team’s international taxation expertise against a global standard?


ADIT - Recognized Standard Internationally

It is a practical qualification, relevant in today’s global environment, and examines current issues, so you will be up to date with the latest thinking.

  • A growing global network of over 1,700 ADIT students, graduates and affiliates in over 70 different countries
  • Entitled to put the designatory letters “ADIT” after your name

Three examinations

Paper 1 – Principles of International Taxation

This paper is not country specific, and is compulsory for all candidates. The focus is on key issues such as principles of international tax law, residence, double taxation and treaty interpretation, transfer pricing, the work of the OECD and international tax avoidance.

Paper 2 – Advance d International Taxation – Primary Jurisdiction

Candidates are expected to have a detailed knowledge of a primary jurisdiction's tax regime regarding international tax matters. Candidates choose one of the option papers or may write a thesis in place of an exam.

  • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • Malta
  • India
  • Cyprus
  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Ireland
Paper 3.03 – Transfer Pricing

This paper is not country-specific and covers Functional Analysis, Methodologies, Comparability Analysis Specific transactions: Finance; Services; IP; Restructuring, Permanent Establishments and Compliance/ Avoiding double taxation.

Thesis Option – Paper II or Paper III

Candidates may write a thesis in place of Paper II or Paper III consisting of 15,000 to 20,000 words on any subject of international taxation subject to approval. The thesis option can only be chosen for one paper and not both.


The benefits of gaining the Qualification are :
  • Global Benchmark – of quality and an independent means of demonstrating international tax expertise
  • Portable Qualification – an internationally recognised qualification by a globally respected awarding body
  • Demonstration – of your ability in both a “home” country taxation system and a “non-home” or “away” country taxation system
  • Enhances – your career, your knowledge and your team’s reputation
  • Flexibility – study options, global exam centres, multiple exam methods, and the modular structure enable you to maintain your work/life balance


What is most important is the practical application for theory. ADIT exams help to understand the practical side of international tax law.

Siddharth Banwat, M/s TP Ostwal & Associates, India

ADIT is an essential qualification for an international tax practitioner.

Joao Araujo, HSBC, Brazil

I wanted to systematise and test my knowledge of international tax principles. I believe ADIT provides an opportunity to achieve this for people all over the globe.

Svetlana Stroykova, PWC, Russia


  • 1,900+ Graduates, Affiliates and Students
  • 65% of population outside the UK
  • 98 countries and territories represented – every continent, major market centre, and business sector
  • Average age 36 years


The ADIT Population


An Academic Board of esteemed international tax academics evaluate the technical content and rigour of the ADIT examinations annually to ensure the highest standard.

  • John Avery Jones CBE Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber)
  • Philip Baker QC OBE Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
  • Malcolm Gammie QC London School of Economics
  • Kees Van Raad University of Leiden
  • Jefferson VanderWolk Ernst & Young, Washington DC
  • Richard Vann University of Sydney

WHAT Taxmann Offers

Paper 1 -Principles of International Taxation

This paper focuses on key issues such as principles of international tax law, residence, double taxation conventions and treaty interpretation, transfer pricing, the work of the OECD and international tax avoidance.

Paper 2.05 - Advanced International Tax (India Jurisdiction)

This paper is based on a specific jurisdiction and students are expected to show a detailed knowledge of their chosen country tax regime regarding international tax matters.

Paper 3.03 – Transfer Pricing

This is the Advanced International Tax thematic paper, which is designed to test awareness of international tax issues concerning a specific area of taxation, or a transnational. This may require awareness of multiple countries' tax systems to the extent such systems interact with the chosen area of taxation.



Sample Questions and suggested Solutions

a) Paper I
    Sample Questions
    Suggested Solutions

b) Paper III
    Sample Questions
    Suggested Solutions


Prospective candidates must register as a student with the CIOT by the 31st January, 2019 if they are going to sit the June 2019 examinations. To register with CIOT email the educational team at education@ciot.org.uk

Once registered as a student with the CIOT, students must also apply to sit the examination (please note this is a separate and additional process to get registered as a student). The deadline for this for the June Entry is 28th February, 2019

Upon successful completion of the ADIT exams (or completion of two exams and a thesis) candidates will receive a certificate. Individual certificates are also available for candidates who complete Paper I [Principles of International Taxation], Paper II(India Option) and Paper III [Transfer Pricing].


Paper I(Rupees + Taxes)
Correspondence Course (Paper I)34500 + 6210
Paper II (India)(Rupees + Taxes)
Study Material - International Taxation (Web Access) + Direct Taxes Law & Practice (Professional Edition)23225 + 3105
Paper III (TP)(Rupees + Taxes)
Correspondence Course (Paper III - TP)34500 + 6210

Study Material you get

Correspondence Course
You will receive the following when you enroll for Correspondence Course
Paper 1 & Paper 3.03

  • Manuals
  • Case Studies
  • Question banks
  • Link Examinations and Answers with Marking Facility
  • Access to the Tolley Online Academy

Paper 2

  • Access to www.internationaltaxation.taxmann.com

  • A Most Authentic & Largest Research Platform for International Taxation with Research Tools/Video Presentations/Tax Treaties Analysis

  • Direct Taxes Law & Practice (Professional Edition) - As Amended by Finance Act 2018 By Dr. Vinod K. Singhania

Enrollment Form

About the Training Providers

Taxmann is the leading legal publisher of India specialising in Taxation and Corporate Laws. It has an impressive range of products on Direct Tax Laws, Corporate Laws and Indirect Tax Laws. Besides, publishing books and journals they offer Online Legal Databases.

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Established in 2003 by a group of tutors who felt passionate about providing a high quality training environment for all students sitting tax examinations. Since then it has grown and now has a nationwide presence in the UK, as well as running courses outside the UK. Tolley has supported the ADIT examinations since its inception and is the only establishment to provide full distance learning product with tutor support and pass rates that surpass the national average year on year.

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