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How to File ITR without Form 16?

File Income Tax Return without Form 16:

In most cases, the employer provides its employees with the Form 16, which indicates that tax has been deducted by the employer and deposited with the Government. However, if it hasn’t been provided then a taxpayer has the option for filing its ITR return without Form 16, by using Form 26AS. 

It is an Annual Statement that reflects all tax related information pertaining to a particular PAN Card. With this, you would know how much TDS has been deducted from your salary and paid on your behalf to the Department. You can tally the amount of TDS deduction from your Salary Slips as well. In case of any discrepancy, it would be advisable to take up the matter with the relevant officials in your company as soon as possible.

Once the amount of TDS has been settled, calculate the amount of Allowances and Deductions in order to calculate the amount of taxable income under the Salary head. If you have additional sources of income, you will have to include those as well in your ITR Returns.

Finally, calculate the total tax payable. If you are falling short on payment of tax then you can pay the deficit online through the Department’s Income Tax website by using the relevant challan. Once the tax payable by you has been paid off completely, then you can file your ITR online.

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Disclaimer: This information is updated till 13 April 2018.

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