ITR & Audit Report Features

One Solution - Income-Tax Computation and Returns Module - Multiuser (A.Y. 2019-20) :- ₹ 5500
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  • Facility to amend data in Table 9 of GSTR-1.
  • Delete all sections at one go. Uploaded data into GST portal can be deleted directly from software.
  • User guides and help videos for various sections.
  • Reconciliation between GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B
  • Reconciliation between GSTR-2A and GSTR-3B
  • Reconciliation between GSTR-2A with purchase register.
  • PAN verification for employees as well as deductees.
  • E-payment of Challan 281 for deposit of TDS through software.
  • Various Informative MIS reports as per the requirement of Users
  • Online uploading of TDS returns with DSC
  • Track request- Any request placed through TRACES/software can be tracked from software.
  • Download TDS certificates- Facility to download TDS certificates like Form 16/16A/27D directly from TRACES. Option to attach DSC and print directly is also provided.
  • Import from previous year- A user will be able to import all relevant last year data in current year on single click.
  • Error-handling mechanism- The tool will validate all data entered in a return and all errors will be displayed in a pop-up list. User will be able to see errors and rectify all errors through pop-up list in one go.
  • Import data from XML- A user will be able to import 100% data of a client in One Solution Software through XML. Bulk import functionality will also be provided to import data of clients in bulk.
  • E-payment of challan – Pay your due taxes using Taxmann’s One Solution. All fields in challan will be auto-populated, a user just needs to select the bank and make payment

Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently every Individual, Professionals and Business Houses are required to comply with various direct & indirect tax compliances like Income Tax Returns, TDS/TCS Returns, Audit Report and GST Compliances. Hence, Taxmann has developed a software called as “One Solution” which integrates all the compliance requirements from where user can file ITR, TDS/TCS Returns, Audit Report and GST Returns.

Yes, user can reconcile all his purchase details of a particular period with GSTR-2A of such period and Taxmann is working on more reconciliation automation like GSTR-3B with GSTR-1, GSTR-2A with GSTR-3B so that users manual efforts can be reduced.

Yes, software allows user to get data from GST portal directly into the software where user can view real time ledger balances periods wise and on a click till date filing status of a particular client can be viewed.

No, Since One Solution software is having GSP functionality which allows user to upload invoices, GST returns directly on GST common portal without need to convert JSON file.

No, Unlimited GST returns can be filed for unlimited clients.

Since both the functionalities of ASP and GSP are incorporated in single software which can manage multiple clients at single page in advanced manner. Following are the key advantages of buying One Solution GST software

i)                 Avoid standing in queue/traffic on due dates to file GST returns.

ii)               Avoid facing hassels of JSON conversion.

iii)              No Restriction on numbers of invoice uploading at GST portal.

iv)         Unlimited GST invoices can be uploaded at GST portal with all         validations.

v)                 Unlimited GSTR can be filed.

vi)     Single dashboard for the group Companies/Autditors/Consultants/Tax Practioners/Advocates to manage, view, prepare and file all the types of GST returns of unlimited clients.

vii)                Smooth, fast and convenient invoice uploading direct at GST portal           through software.

viii)               User can download summary of uploaded data on a single click in exact   GST returns manner.

ix)                    Know your ledger balances on real time basis on a single click.

x)                     Delete wrongly uploaded or invoices having incorrect details at GST        portal from software on a single click.

xi)                    Get reconciliation reports on a single click.

Taxmann is both an ASP and authorized GSP. ASP is Application Suvidha Provider which basically helps you in preparing all types of GST returns in an advanced, hi-tech and in automatic manner from the raw data. Once the return is prepared, GSP function helps in uploading, filing the return in seamless manner without interface of JSON, directly at the GST common portal.
Taxmann’s One solution TDS is one stop solution for all your TDS compliances. You can generate TDS/TCS returns, deposit challans and generate TDS certificates also directly from TRACES.
Detailed calculation for allowances/perquisites/retirement benefits for ease of tax deduction on salary.
Auto-tax calculation for other TDS returns like 26Q/27Q/27EQ.
Data can be easily migrated from your existing software to One solution-TDS with consolidated files (.TDS files).
Single as well as bulk consolidated files can be imported.
Create client master & authorized person master
Create employee/deductee master
Create bank master
Create challan
Create deduction entries
Create Annexure II for salary return
Map deduction entries with challan
Generate return
Yes, One solution also provides facility to import employee/deductee master and deduction entries through excel import.
Yes, all the income-tax returns, i.e., ITR 1 to ITR 7 can be filed by using Taxmann’s One Solution
There is no restriction on the number of Returns that can be filed by using Taxmann’s One Solution. You can file unlimited ITRs/ Audit Reports by using Taxmann’s One Solution
No, Taxmann One Solution ITR is a combined package for your ITR and Audit Report solutions. In case you have bought the ITR, you can use Audit Reports portion free of cost
Taxmann’s One Solution takes care of all your return filing needs. It is the only software which provides you with detailed calculation of every input required for preparation of Income-tax returns. Each and every item which is required to be reported in income-tax return and audit report is covered under One Solution software. The work-flow of the software is so simplified that a user can navigate from one schedule to another on a single click. Further, endless features have been provided for the benefits of the users.
- Taxmann is serving tax professionals for their compliances since more than 50 years. Taxmann’s One Solution software is comprehensive, accurate and easiest software to use.
- Users can create common master for ITR, Audit and TDS. It helps you to avoid duplicity in creating multiple client masters.
- A user can keep all his client databases at one place.
- One Solution user can send whatsapp and email to clients through dashboard itself. Bulk email functionality is also provided to send email to clients in bulk
- One solution is a browser based software which works even if you don’t have internet connection. Hence, it works in both online and off-line modes.
- The software is developed in a way that it automatically takes care of various threshold limits and provisions of law.
- The software automatically computes the amount of tax, exemption, relief and interest etc. on basis of input provided by the user.
- All screens are positioned coherently which makes it easy for a user to enter the relevant info in one go.
- One Solution is the only software which provides detailed computation for each head of income. Further, an option is also provided to enter the input directly without going for the detailed computation.
- We at taxmann provide you with the speedy and accurate update to our software on the basis of changes introduced by Income-tax Department.

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