Import from XML
XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. E-Filing of Income-tax return can be done by uploading the information in XML format. XML format is an output file generated from e-Filing software (Taxmann's One Solution). It is based on some technical schema (Defined set of codes) generated by Income-tax Department.
Why Import is required?
Import of XML is required due to following:
  • XML is a technical document, and it is really difficult to de-code it.
  • Most of the details like Personal Info, Bank Account details etc. use to be common year-to-year basis and by importing XML, one can be hassle free from re-entring those inputs
  • To read the details uploaded to Income-tax Department website and rectify them
How to Import XML?
Taxmann One Solution allows you to import XML (Single as well as Bulk). So you can now import XML of all of your clients in one go. The XML can be imported using below steps:
Step 1 : Download and Install Taxmann One Solution and Go to Your Dashboard
Step 2 : From the dashboard, click on Import icon as highlighted in below image
Step 3 : - Upload XML Files by choosing the respective file from below pop-up
Step 4 : XML imported Successfully