How to Download and Install

Steps to download and install One Solution

  • Visit website and select One Solution or Click here Tax Calculator
  • Login with your registered email id or create a new account Tax Calculator
  • After login, click on ‘Download’ button given on the home page.
  • From the Download page, find out the relevant set-up which is compatible with your Operating System. (Click here to know the version of your Windows) Tax Calculator
  • When you click on the relevant link to download the set-up, the ‘Product Key’ is automatically sent on your registered E-mail Id.
  • Once the set-up is downloaded, unzip the file and save the folder on your preferred location.
  • Open the unzipped folder and click on the icon of ‘OneSolution.exe’. Tax Calculator
  • When you click on the OneSolution.exe icon, the installation process begins and a pop-up window is displayed on your screen. You need to click on the button ‘Next’. Tax Calculator
  • In the next window the set-up process will display a list of all prerequisite programmes to run the set-up. All missing programmes will be selected automatically; you just need to click on the button ‘Next’. Tax Calculator
  • After installation of required programmes, you may be asked to restart your computer; press ‘Yes’ to restart it as it is essential. Tax Calculator
  • Once your computer restarts, the pending installation work will begin automatically. Click on the check box to agree to the ‘terms and conditions’ and click on ‘Install’. Tax Calculator
  • Once the installation process is complete, following pop-up window will be displayed on your screen. Click on ‘Run’ to open the software. Tax Calculator
  • A parallel installation process shall begin to install the ‘Utilities’ of One Solution. In the Utilities Installation screen click on ‘Install’. Tax Calculator
  • Your installation is now complete. Two icons are created by default on your desktop - ‘One Solution’ icon is to access the Software and the Second icon ‘Taxmann's One Solution Utilities’ is to check if any ‘Update’ is pending for installation and to take the Backup or Restore the data. Tax Calculator
  • When you click on the icon of ‘One Solution’, the software will be opened in your default browser. Sign-in with your e-mail Id and password registered at Make sure that you sign-in with the same login Id that you have used to download the software. Tax Calculator
  • If your computer is connected to internet, Product Key will be shown automatically on the screen. Click on ‘Activate’. Tax Calculator
  • If you want to activate the software with an e-mail Id other than the one you have used to download the software, then you need to enter the Product Key sent on your registered e-mail Id in the following screen and click on ‘Activate Key’. Tax Calculator
  • If the Product key entered by you is valid, you will directed to the Congratulations screen. Your default login credentials shall be:

    User Name: admin@taxmann.local
    Password: Admin@123

    Save the login credentials until you create new login details. Click on ‘Continue’. Tax Calculator
  • Enter Login ID ‘admin@taxmann.local’ and Password ‘Admin@123’ to get access to One Solution. Tax Calculator
  • After successfully login you will see following screen with list of all activated modules, click on ‘My Dashboard’. Tax Calculator
  • This is your dashboard. Click on ‘Add’ to create your first client. Tax Calculator
  • Click on the ‘User Management’ on top right corner to give rights on your personal e-mail Id to access the software. Tax Calculator
  • Click on the link of ‘+Add’ and fill the relevant details Tax Calculator
  • Once you create a new user Id, you can access the software with your personal e-mail Id.