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  • ✓ Masters are the list of key information which are used repetitively in GST Return Forms.
  • ✓ It is very essential to maintain the reliable and accurate masters of key information to quickly and precisely prepare the GST Returns.
  • ✓ Every sales invoice and GST Returns, besides other information, require the taxpayer to fill-up the GSTIN & Address of buyer/recipient and Details of Goods/Services being supplied.
  • ✓ In One Solution, you have the freedom to create more than 10 types of Masters.
    • a. Goods and Services Master
    • b. Buyers and Sellers Master
    • c. Expenses Master
    • d. Consignee Master
    • e. Branch Master
    • f. E-Commerce Operator Master
    • g. ISD Master
    • h. Bank Master
    • i. Authorized Signatory Master
  • ✓ You can either create the master data in the software or you can import them in the software through spread sheets.
  • ✓ All inputs required in GST Invoices and GST Returns are automatically picked from the masters.