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GST Compliant Invoices

  • ✓ Every registered dealer shall be required to issue GST Compliant Invoices with various additional information.
  • ✓ These information shall vary according to your type of business and customers you are dealing with.
  • ✓ One Solution gives you freedom to configure the Invoices Formats as per your business or profession needs
  • ✓ You would have the facility to pre-define the invoice fields and remove the irrelevant fields from the invoice screens
  • ✓ You can either create a GST Compliant Invoices from the software itself or import invoices from an accounting software.
  • ✓ You can directly upload the Invoices on GST Network from the software itself.
  • ✓ GSTR 1 is auto-populated from the sales invoices for the relevant period created from the software or imported from other accounting software.