Error handling mechanism
One solution software comes with an artificial intelligence tool. The tool validates all details entered in income-tax return, audit forms during generation of XML file.
All errors in the ITR and Audit forms are displayed on page with an option to rectify them at one go without resorting back to list of errors.
  • Auto-validation of schema and various validation rules related to return filing.
  • Easy identification and rectification of errors.
  • Error free filing of return.
How Error Handling Mechanism works?
Step 01: Select the "Generate" tab to generate XML file.
Step 02: Click on "Generate & Download XML" or "Generate & Upload XML", as the case may be.
Step 03: On selecting either of the button (as mentioned in step 2), Software will validate the data as per schema and various validation rules. If any error is found, it will be displayed on page with description and hyperlink to rectify the error.
On clicking on an error description, it will take user to relevant page or schedule where error field will be automatically highlighted. After rectifying the error, user can easily go to next error just by clicking on "Save and next" button.
After rectifying all errors, the data will be re-validated and XML shall be generated if no error is found.