Business-wise financial statement
One Solution software has facility of creating business-wise financial statements with an option to view consolidated results. This feature allows an user to create Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account of multiple businesses.
The benefits of this feature are as follows:-
  • Taxpayers having multiple businesses can easily create business-wise financial statements and view consolidated results.
  • Financials of holding and subsidiary companies can be easily consolidated.
  • Consolidated results are automatically considered while filing of return.
How to create business-wise financial statement
Step 01: Under Balance and Profit & Loss account, check box is provided to enable multiple business, click on that check box to create multiple business.
Step02: Click on create button and enter the business name.Further, a user can also define whether books of account are maintained for a particular business or not.
Step03: The business so created will be displayed in a drop-down list under Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account schedule, as the case may be. A user can select the business name from the list and enter details accordingly.
Step 04: To view the consolidated financial statement, select the "consolidated" option from drop down list.