Taxmann’s End-To-End ASP-GSP Services

  • Taxmann’s GSP Software – One Solution enables taxpayers to comply with GST compliances.
  • ASP- GSP solution facilitates hassle-free data exchange with GSTN Server.
  • Upload GST invoice details and file Returns with GSTN seamlessly.
  • Taxmann GST application - One Solution offers secure and private connection for transfer of data to the GSTN server.
  • One Solution billing software allows multi-user functionality for a greater ease in access & management of data.
  • Access One Solution from multiple office locations with the same URL. Each location can prepare separate Masters and create and file its separate returns.
  • Receive responses and notifications from GSTN.

Why Trust Taxmann’s GSP Solution &
Compliance Software – One Solution?

Taxmann’s One Solution™, this GST compliance software offers you seamless and secure GSP services for compliances with all your tax requirements (GST, ITR and TDS) from a single platform and facilitates seamless integration of ERPs with ASP-GSP Solution.



  • GSP Stands for GST Suvidha Provider.
  • GSPs are enabler for the taxpayer to comply with provisions of GST.
  • They provide web platforms and applications for hassle free uploading and downloading of GST Invoices and Returns.
  • These services of GSPs are required to exchange the data between GSTN Server and third party applications (known as ASPs).
  • As the data being exchanged are highly sensitive in nature, the GSPs provide a completely secure data transmission network.
  • Taxmann is an ASP and one of the qualified GSPs.
  • One Solution is an ASP Tool for the end-to-end GST Compliances, which comes with our inbuilt GSP Services.

    The services of a GSP will be required for:

  • Uploading of Invoice on GSTN
  • Downloading of data of inward supplies
  • Reconciliation of Input Tax Credit
  • Accessing GST Ledgers
  • Uploading of GST Returns
  • Taxmann is one of the approved GSPs which is also an Application Suvidha Provider (ASP).
  • We ensure secured access to GST APIs and robust security, integrity and privacy of taxpayers.
  • Taxmann’s GSP Services provide basic and enriched APIs for all GST related compliances
  • Taxmann also provides an active sandbox to ASPs so they can test their APIs using the sandbox to simulate the responses one shall get from GSTN