Wednesday | 23 Apr 2014
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tax calc

Deemed dividend arises as assessee failed to show that sum was advanced in course of money lending business


IT: Where assessee had failed to establish that substantial part of business of company was money lending and loans and advances received by assessee were...

Participation in reassessment proceeding ratified procedural lapse and validated notice served on assessee


IT : Where notice under section 148 was served on assessee-company at its registered office though not received by an authorised person, assessee, by...

Assessee won't be a co-operative bank if it isn't aiming to accept deposits for lending; ITAT allows sec. 80P relief


IT : Where assessee, a co-operative society, claimed deduction under section 80P(2)(a)(i) and Assessing Officer denied deduction taking view that assessee...

HC affirms ITAT's action of remanding case to decide whether exp. was 'deferred revenue exp'


IT: Where Tribunal remitted matter to Assessing Officer to consider issue with respect to addition of 'water and service charges' after verifying facts as...

Presumptive taxation under sec. 44DA couldn't invoked if services were squarely covered by sec. 44BB


IT/ILT : Where services rendered by assessee squarely fall within scope of section 44BB, its income would be computed under section 44BB and not section...

No depreciation to lessor on finance lease assets; guarantee commission to be recognized proportionately


IT : Depreciation is not allowable to bank leasing out assets on finance lease

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