Sunday | 20 Apr 2014
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tax calc

Methodologies in Return Form don’t prevail over I-T Act; MAT credit to be given after computing surcharge and SHEC


IT/ILT : Rule 12(1)(a) of Income-tax Rules and Form for filing return of income couldn't go beyond the provisions of the Act - Income-tax includes...

No reassessment to deny secs 80-JJA and 80-IB reliefs if such issues were already dealt with in original assessment


IT : Where only after raising specific query and, verifying claims of deduction under section 80-JJA and 80-IB was allowed in scrutiny assessment,...

Loan to shareholder is deemed dividend even in absence of beneficial ownership; Bhumik Colour's case ignored


IT : It is only where a loan is advanced by company to registered shareholder and other conditions set out in section 2(22)(e) are satisfied, said amount...

Related Story :Sum advanced to a shareholder after it ceased to be the beneficial owner couldn't be taxed as 'deemed dividend'
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