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tax calc

Institutions set-up to provide placement services to ex-army personnel and their widows were charitable institutions


IT: Institutions set-up to provide placement services to ex-army personnel, their widows and dependents, rather than to any trade, commerce or business...

No addition of undisclosed investment if there was minor difference in report of DVO and assessee’s valuer


IT : Where there was minor difference in valuation report of DVO and assessee's valuer regarding cost of construction, addition made as undisclosed...

ITAT denied sec. 80P relief to society it was a primary cooperative bank as per Banking Regulation Act


IT: Where assessee had fulfilled all three basic conditions to be regarded as a primary co-operative bank, it was a co-operative bank, and, therefore,...

ITAT relies on retro-amendments for taxing inter-connect charges as royalty; rejects plea of treaty override


IT/ILT : Consideration paid by assessee-company, engaged in providing ILD services to its subscribers, to non-resident telecom operators, for provision of...

Principal amount forgone by depositor after settlement couldn't be taxed under sec. 41(1) in hands of NBFC


IT : Balance amount which was not repaid under arrangement between assessee-NBFC and depositors after setting their claims did not constitute an income...

Payment made to casual labourers working under direct control of contractor won't attract sec. 194C TDS


IT : Where issue relating to payments to labourers without deducting tax at source was concluded in assessment proceedings under section 143(3) and no...

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